Power of GANs: Generate Images from Text

Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) have revolutionizedthe field of artificial intelligence by enabling machines to create realisticimages, sounds, and even text. One of the fascinating applications of GANs isgenerating images from textual descriptions. This capability opens up a worldof possibilities in various domains such as creative design, contentgeneration, and even assisting the visually impaired. In this article, we delveinto the workings of GANs and explore how they can transform textual descriptionsinto vibrant visual representations.

At its core, a GAN consists of two neural networks – thegenerator and the discriminator – engaged in a game-like scenario. Thegenerator's objective is to create synthetic data, while the discriminator'srole is to distinguish between real and fake data. Through iterative training,the generator learns to produce increasingly realistic outputs, while thediscriminator becomes more adept at distinguishing real from generated data.

A dataset consisting of pairs of textual descriptions andcorresponding images is the first step. For the generator, a recurrent neuralnetwork (RNN) or a transformer-based architecture like can be employed toprocess textual inputs. Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) are commonly usedfor image generation in the discriminator. The textual description is embeddedinto a fixed-size vector representation and concatenated with a random noisevector before being fed into the generator. The GAN is trained in a adversarialmanner, with the generator attempting to produce realistic images while thediscriminator learns to differentiate between real and generated images. Thisprocess continues until both networks reach equilibrium. The quality of thegenerated images is assessed through quantitative metrics like Inception Scoreor Fréchet Inception Distance, as well as qualitative human evaluations.

Tags: generative ai, generative adversarial network, text to image, data augmentation

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